Supra Trusses is a family-owned company that was started by the Kelbrick family in 1984. With over 30 years of reputable service and manufacturing of pre-fabricated roof trusses, we are at the forefront of roof design and are the perfect partner for your next roofing projects. We will help you choose the correct roof, design it for you, deliver it, and erect it if needed. This way we ensure the quality of your roof during every step of your roofing project, from start to finish.


We have an in-house team of industry leading designers ensuring your roof trusses will be designed to ensure maximum strength and durability. Our design services ensure you receive the best-prefabricated roof truss design available.


Our factory is located on our premises so as soon as you have approved your design our factory is ready to start producing your roof. We use industry-leading machinery which includes two Robogenix Easy Saws to ensure your trusses are cut to the perfect size.


We take pride in our reliable and experienced sub-contracted erection team who complete roofs according to Regulation A19. This means your roof will always be erected according to regulation standards. Our team takes full responsibility of your roofing experience, from the roof layout drawings and bracing details to the erection of your roof. You can be confident that we will erect a durable and long-lasting roof.


Re-roofing and replacing a roof are two different things. Replacing your roof is a time consuming and expensive project, while re-roofing gives you amazing results at a more affordable price. The reason re-roofing is more affordable is because re-roofing is laying a set of new shingles over an existing set of damaged ones, rather than tear out and replace the existing roof.